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Here at TestPlant, we want to make sure that you have the best testing experience possible. To ensure an easy and enjoyable testing experience, we have moved our documentation online for your ease of use. You will find a variety of handy features including navigation at the top of the site allowing you to switch easily between reference manuals, a left-hand navigation bar for navigating within individual manuals, and a reliable search engine, so you can search for individual commands or phrases.

About the Manuals

This documentation pertains to eggPlant Functional. If you are using eggPlant Performance, please see the documentation here. The following manuals are available on this website, as well as through the eggPlant Help menu.

  • Getting Started provides instructions for a basic eggPlant set up to get you started using this testing tool and familiarize you with its functionality.
  • Using eggPlant is a collection of articles that cover a wide range of eggPlant topics.
  • eggDrive is a portion of the Using eggPlant manual, which gives a step-by-step guide to using eggPlant in Drive mode, and includes an example script in Java.
  • The eggPlant: Reference Manual describes the eggPlant interface and scripting processes, and the SenseTalk commands, functions, and global properties that are unique to eggPlant.
  • The SenseTalk Reference Manual is a comprehensive guide to the SenseTalk scripting language used with eggPlant. This is a comprehensive manual that discusses all aspects of the SenseTalk language which are used for general scripting purposes. Commands and functions which are unique to eggPlant are described in the eggPlant reference manual.
  • eggOn is a handy reference for everything you need to know about how to connect to and test against a mobile device with eggPlant using eggOn.
  • The eggPlant Manager manual provides instructions for a basic set up with eggPlant Manager to kickstart your test management system. Schedule and execute tests and obtain results with ease.
  • The eggPlant Knowledge Base is a collection of articles from different contributors describing a variety of techniques and approaches to using eggPlant, as well as best practices and use-case scenarios.

Further Resources

  • Online eggPlant Tutorials: This is a series of five interactive tutorials that introduce the scripting environment and often-used commands and functions.
  • eggPlant User Forum: This is a forum where you can ask questions of other eggPlant users, help your peers, and share ideas and approaches.
  • eggPlant Examples Forum: This forum is a collection of eggPlant scripts written in SenseTalk, addressing different scripting problems.
  • TestPlant Support provides helpful information including eggPlant updates, news, discussion forums, and all other available support resources.

PDF Version

For those in isolated environments who wish to access the documentation offline, there is a PDF version of all documentation. The link below includes a separate PDF for each manual:

Click Here for PDF Documentation

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