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Here at TestPlant we want to ensure an easy and enjoyable testing experience, so all of our documentation is available online or in PDF format. You can download each manual individually, or you can download them all at once using the link below.

PDF Version

If you want to access the documentation offline, you can download a PDF version of this manual from the following link:

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You can access all of the following manuals online through the TestPlant Documentation website. You can also access documentation within individual products by going to Help > Documentation.

  • Getting Started provides instructions for a basic eggPlant Functional set up to get you started using this testing tool and familiarize you with its functionality.
  • Using eggPlant Functional is a collection of articles that delve into the eggPlant Functional workflow and explain a variety of important tasks and concepts such as how to organize your testing process and how to use eggDrive to integrate scripts from other testing tools.
  • eggPlant Functional Reference describes the eggPlant Functional interface and scripting processes, and the SenseTalk commands, functions, and global properties that are unique to eggPlant Functional.
  • SenseTalk Reference is a comprehensive guide to the SenseTalk scripting language used with eggPlant Functional. This manual discusses all aspects of the SenseTalk language that are used for general scripting purposes. Commands and functions that are unique to eggPlant Functional are also described here.
  • The eggPlant Performance manual describes how to set up, run tests, and view results with eggPlant Performance, a load and performance testing tool.
  • The eggPlant Manager manual provides instructions for a basic set up of eggPlant Manager, a test management system. Learn how to schedule and execute tests and view results.
  • The eggCloud manual describes how to deploy and administer eggCloud, a test-reservation system. You'll also learn how to make reservations and how to connect through eggCloud.
  • The eggMan reference helps you set up and get started using this free tool for manual testing.
  • The eggBox manual describes this appliance, which comes with a range of pre-installed TestPlant tools and related applications, and shows how you can use it to easily set up and run a test lab.
  • The eggPlant Network reference describes the eggPlant Network appliance and how to use it to emulate network conditions when testing with eggPlant Functional and eggPlant Performance.
  • Connecting to SUTs is a reference for everything you need to know about how to connect to and test against mobile devices with eggPlant Functional using either eggOn or iOS Gateway.
  • The Knowledge Base is a collection of articles from different contributors that describe a variety of techniques and approaches to using eggPlant Functional, as well as best practices and use-case scenarios.

Further Resources

  • The Examples section of the TestPlant documentation provides a variety of example scripts using SenseTalk to run eggPlant Functional tests, which you can adapt to fit your testing needs.
  • The FAQ section gathers common problems and solutions for TestPlant products.
  • Online eggPlant Functional Tutorials: This series of four interactive tutorials introduces the scripting environment and some frequently used commands and functions.
  • eggPlant Functional User Forum: Use this forum to ask questions of other eggPlant Functional users, help your peers, and share ideas and approaches for using the product.
  • eggPlant Functional Examples Forum: This forum is a collection of eggPlant Functional scripts written in SenseTalk that address a variety of scripting problems.

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