Eggplant AI

Learn to use Testplant's artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning testing tool to auto-generate test cases and optimize test execution.

The Eggplant AI Documentation Set

  • Getting Started: The overview information you need to get started working with Eggplant AI.
  • Installing Eggplant AI: Information about installing and licensing Eggplant AI.
  • The Eggplant AI Agent: How to download and set up the agent on each platform (Windows, Mac) to connect to Eggplant AI.
  • Using Eggplant AI: Detailed information about building and running models and viewing results.
  • Integrating with Eggplant Functional: How to link an Eggplant Functional suite to Eggplant AI, then attach SenseTalk code snippets to perform actions against your test systems.

Testplant User Forums

Visit the Testplant User Forums to post questions, look for answers, and see example code.

Eggplant AI Overview