Eggplant Automation Cloud

The place to find documentation for Testplant's system under test reservation system

The Eggplant Automation Cloud Documentation Set

  • Getting Started: The overview and set-up information you need to get started working with Eggplant Automation Cloud.
  • Administration: How to create user accounts, add test systems, work with groups, and implement reporting in Eggplant Automation Cloud.
  • Using eggplant Automation Cloud: How to use the Eggplant Automation Cloud Dashboard, make reservations, manage user account settings, and connect to test systems.
  • REST API: Manage app testing in Eggplant Automation Cloud.
  • Release Notes: Information about new features and fixes implemented in Eggplant Automation Cloud releases.

Testplant User Forums

Visit the Testplant User Forums to post questions, look for answers, and see example code.

Eggplant Automation Cloud Overview