Why isn’t my SendMail command working?

There are no known issues with the SendMail command itself. However, it can be tricky to configure correctly (configuration is done in the SendMail Preferences). The SendMail command must talk to your mail server, and not all mail servers will communicate with an SMTP client such as eggPlant Functional.

Every mail server is configured differently, so the TestPlant support team cannot tell you how to configure the Mail preferences in either eggPlant Functional or eggPlant Manager. You should consult your IT department or system administrator for the exact settings required on your network.

Note: Microsoft Exchange Server has an SMTP interface that is off by default and must be explicitly enabled before an SMTP client such as eggPlant Functional can use the server to send mail.

For more information about setting your Mail preferences and using the SendMail command, see Sending Test Results via Email.


This topic was last updated on March 29, 2017, at 04:43:55 PM.