The eggPlant Functional Workflow

This section describes the basic steps of testing with eggPlant Functional, in order:

1. Create a connection to a SUT from eggPlant Functional.
2. Capture images and write scripts.
3. Run scripts.
4. Read results.

Main Components of eggPlant Functional

Main components of eggPlant Functional

The Connection List: This window allows you to create VNC connections to various systems under test (SUTs), whether via a direct connection over Wi-Fi or USB, or a relayed connection through eggCloud or the iOS Gateway.

The Viewer Window: This window allows you to see the SUT that you are currently connected to. You can have multiple Viewer windows open at once, if you have multiple connections to different SUTs. The toolbar icons at the top of the window are used as part of the assisted scripting functionality.

The Suite Window: This window contains the script editor, as well as providing an interface for image management. This window also provides access to the Turbo Image Capture functionality available in v15.

The Run Window: This window shows a live view of the test results as a script is being executed. It also provides debugging capabilities.


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