eggPlant Network Emulator User and Administration Guide (v2.1)

Note: This page describes settings for eggPlant Network version 2.1. See this topic in eggPlant Network version 1.8 or eggPlant Network version 3.0.

The eggPlant Network appliance offers two powerful, complementary network and application performance capabilities. These are available as standalone solutions or in combination on the same appliance:

  • Network Emulator (virtual test network)
  • Network Profiler

This manual covers the eggPlant Network emulation capabilities. The Emulator and Profiler cannot run simultaneously, because they use the same appliance resources. You must switch between Emulation and Profiling modes as your testing requirements mandate.

The eggPlant Network appliance has an LCD panel on the front of the unit that provides the day-to-day configuration and management of the appliance in both Emulator and Profiler modes. Functions on the LCD panel also allow you to switch between Emulator and Profiler mode.

For more information about the Emulator, see The eggPlant Network Emulator.


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