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Integrating a Defect Management System with eggPlant Manager

You can configure eggPlant Manager to integrate with your defect management system. This configuration enables you to submit an issue and export test results to your defect management system from within eggPlant Manager. eggPlant Manager supports integration with JIRA and Redmine defect management systems. For more about exporting results, see the Exporting Results and Creating Reports.

When your defect management system is integrated with eggPlant Manager, all users that will open issues in the defect management system need configure access to the system, and provide their user and password for the system in the Preferences panel in their Account Settings. Instructions for this task follow.

Step by Step: Configuring Access to the Defect Management System

To configure eggPlant Manager to integrate with your defect management system, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to eggPlant Manager. This option is a user account setting. All users can perform this task themselves.
  2. Choose Account > Account Settings. The Account Setting page displays.
  3. Locate the Preferences panel.
  4. Defect Management settings on the Preferences panel of the eggPlant Manager Account Settings page

  5. Provide information about your defect management system in the following fields:
  6. Server Type: The type of defect management system you want to use. You can choose from JIRA and Redmine. Default value: JIRA.

    Server Address: (required) The IP address or hostname of the server where your defect management system is running, or the domain name (for example, If you specify the domain, you do not need to specify a port number below.

    Port Number: The port number your defect management system uses. You only need to specify the port number when you specify a host name or IP address for Server Address above.

    Use HTTPS: Select this checkbox if your defect management system uses a secure, HTTPS connection.

    User Name: The user name for the defect management system.

    Password: The password for the user specified above.

  7. When you finish entering information, click Update in the lower, right corner of the Preferences panel to save it.
  8. Test the defect management information you entered by trying to export results from eggPlant Manager. See Exporting Results and Creating Reports for instructions for exporting results. If the export fails, verify the defect management system is running, then check the information you entered for your defect management configuration here on the Preferences panel, and try again.


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