eggPlant Performance

The place to find documentation for TestPlant's load and performance testing tools

The eggPlant Performance Documentation Set

  • Getting Started with eggPlant Performance: Information about the eggPlant Performance solution, installation, licensing, release notes, and support.
  • eggPlant Performance Studio: How to work with workspaces, injectors, services, projects, tests, recordings, virtual user (VU) scripts, and workflows.
  • eggPlant Performance Test Controller: How to use the Test Controller, including dynamic VU control, user-defined metrics, monitoring, log viewers, scripting, and reporting.
  • eggPlant Performance Analyzer: How to use Analyzer to create and compare analysis views and charts, along with information about using the REST API to automate Analyzer tasks.
  • Using eggPlant Performance Studio: These topics drill deeper into eggPlant Performance for information about recording and script generation, parameterization, building your projects, and more.
  • Quick Start Guide: Use this section for an example workflow for using eggPlant Performance.
  • API Reference Manuals: Find API references for a range of virtual user types for C++, Java, and .NET/C#.
  • Release Notes: Information about new features and fixes implemented in eggPlant Performance releases.

eggPlant Performance Overview

eggPlant Performance Version 7.1 New Features