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Jenkins Integration

The eggPlant Plugin extends Jenkins to run eggPlant Functional scripts as part of your Continuous Integration solution.

The eggPlant Plugin can be download from within Jenkins using the Manage Plugins, Available page.

Configuration comprises setting the eggPlant Functional version and the path to the runscript command of your eggPlant Functional installation.

For a Jenkins build project, you can add one or more “build steps” that each executes an eggPlant Functional script.

The Jenkins Wiki eggPlant Plugin page can be viewed here.

Step by Step: Installation and Configuration

  1. From the Jenkins menu, open Manage Plugins.
  2. Select the Available tab and enter "eggPlant" in the filter.
  3. If eggPlant does not show, click the Advanced tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button on the Update Site section.
  4. Click the Install without restart button.
  5. After the plugin is installed, open the Manage Jenkins, Configure System page.
  6. Click the Add EggPlant button and complete the fields with the version label and the path to the runscript command file. The ? button shows examples of what to
    enter for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  7. On the configuration page for a build project there is an eggPlant option under the Add build step button.
  8. Selecting the EggPlant build step opens the form where you enter the script path and SUT details.
  9. Clicking the Advanced... button gives the following additional fields.
  10. Click the Apply and/or Save button to save your settings.
  11. When executing your build the output from eggPlant Functional is displayed:


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