Getting Started with eggPlant Functional

What is eggPlant Functional?

eggPlant Functional is a test automation tool. It's used for the entire testing process, from authoring scripts to evaluating results.

Following these few steps, you can be ready to start writing test scripts within one hour:

  1. Set up the eggPlant Functional application.
  2. Install a VNC server on your system under test (SUT).
  3. Open a VNC connection.
  4. Take a brief tour of eggPlant Functional.

How Is eggPlant Functional Different from Other Testing Tools?

eggPlant Functional Uses a Two-System Model

eggPlant Functional works using a two-system model. This means that eggPlant Functional runs on one computer, but can test any number of other computers.

The first system is the machine running the eggPlant Functional application. This system can be a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine. This machine has everything needed to run the test, such as the scripts and associated images. The second system is the system under test, or SUT. The SUT is where the application to be tested is running. The SUT can be any system, including desktop machines, virtual machines, or mobile devices.

eggPlant Functional uses Virtual Network Computing (VNC) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to “look at” the SUT and send mouse and keyboard commands to it.


eggPlant Functional Finds Objects Visually

To write an eggPlant Functional script, you open a connection with a SUT and capture images of the GUI objects that you need to test. Your script commands refer to these objects by image name. For example, the command DoubleClick “Trash_icon” tells eggPlant Functional to search the SUT for something that looks like the “Trash_icon” image, and double-click it.

Like a person, eggPlant Functional can interact with any object that it can “see”—regardless of operating system or programming language. For example, a single script can validate a web application in five different browsers, then switch to a different operating system and repeat the same process.

Overview of Testing with eggPlant Functional

  1. Select a system under test (SUT) and open a connection.
  2. As you control the SUT through eggPlant Functional, you can capture images that indicate the elements of the SUT interface that you want eggPlant Functional to interact with.
  3. Generate a script that tells eggPlant Functional which actions to perform at the image locations you capture.
  4. Run the script as many times as you need to perform a task or validate a process on the SUT.
  5. Use the statistics and detailed run information for that script, found in the Results list of the Suite window, to analyze your results.


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