Digital Automation Intelligence Suite

Documentation, videos, and more for the Eggplant suite of products

Eggplant Functional

Learn all about Eggplant's test automation tool

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Eggplant AI

Use Eggplant's machine learning testing tool to auto-generate test cases

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Eggplant Performance

Find out about Eggplant's load and performance testing tools

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Eggplant Manager

Eggplant's web-based test management system

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Eggplant Automation Cloud

Learn about Eggplant's system under test reservation system

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Eggplant Network

Instructions for using Eggplant's network emulator appliance

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Eggplant Integrations

Eggplant's collection of tools for integrating the Eggplant range into third-party tools

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Eggplant Training Videos

Training and tutorial videos for Eggplant products

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Japanese Translations

Some Eggplant Functional and Eggplant AI documentation is available in Japanese

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User Forums

See what other Eggplant users are talking about

Interactive Glossary

Search for SenseTalk code examples to use in Eggplant Functional

Training and Certifications

Learn to use products in the Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite

The Eggplant Suite of Products

Diagram showing how the Eggplant suite of products work together